Real Estate and Property Discussions on Radio Show by GEM Engserv Directors

ā€œShashank Vaidya and Jagdish Raje, directors of GEM Engserv appeared on the talk show ā€“ Square Feet on 94.3 FM Radio One to talk about Quality in Construction and the importance of Building Services in the context of Real Estate today. They started with explaining the meaning of quality in terms of property in general as well as applied specifically to the context of affordable housing. A few lesser known best practices observed in other regions were highlighted. They also spoke about how quality begins in the planning and design stage, which is one of the most critical stages in a project. Topics related to fire safety, water, sanitation and other building services were also addressed. Lastly, the talk also served as advice to real estate property buyers to watch for and demand quality, beyond the controls put in place by RERA.ā€